Stretch to relieve Stress

We can take a time-out from stress by stretching, which is a great way to relax. Easy stretches can be done in a chair at our desk when the tension mounts. Add in a little deep breathing to increase our oxygen supply to the brain and may we find ourselves feeling and thinking better. Do we need a recap? Stretching more often can help us to relieve muscle tension, prevent stiffness, injury and overuse syndromes. It can contribute to balance...

Hand Therapy at Brighton

Introducing Hand Therapy to Brighton90210. To schedule an appointment give us a call (310)247-9070 or come in Brighton Institute 9400 Brighton Way, Suite 301 Beverly Hills, CA 90210

Cat Pose (Bidalasana)

Yoga Exercise - Cat Pose (Bidalasana)

The Cat Yoga Pose teaches you to initiate movement from your center and to coordinate your movement and breath. These are two of the most important themes in Asana practice. The alignment of your center depends on the positioning of your pelvis. Therefore, think of your hip positioning as the center of each pose. This is important because your spine is the most significant line of energy in every pose...