The original Brighton Institute of Physiotherapy was founded in 1997, with the goal of developing progressive treatments and techniques targeting degenerative diseases, sports injuries and physical health. Through two incarnations and relocations, the new Brighton Institute emphasizes a healthy lifestyle and optimal wellness for each individual to transform mentally and physically. With our stunning newly remodeled 4,000 square foot facility, we offer Physical Therapy, Massage, Aromatherapy, Pilates, and Fitness Classes.

Brighton Institute offers an integrative approach to conventional rehabilitation, blending alternative therapy methods with Physical Therapy. Staffed by qualified, licensed health care practitioners, Brighton Institute is dedicated to ensuring every individual’s restoration to a healthy lifestyle free from physical limitation.

Brighton Institute prides itself on being a multi-cultural, bilingual facility. We have staff and trainers to cater for a wide variety of people including those fluent in English, Spanish, Farsi, Italian and French.