Phillipe Pouilloux, Physical Therapist

  • Graduate of Paris E.F.O.M. University (French School of Massage and Physical Therapy), 1991. He has been a physical therapist for the past 18 years, specializing in neck and back therapy using hands-on techniques.
  • It has been his goal to provide a friendly and personal atmosphere in which patients feel at home while receiving superior rehabilitative services.


Vivian Amirkhanian, Doctor of Physical Therapy

  • Graduated from USC with a Doctorate of Physical Therapy, 2005. She has a dance and Pilates background that is integrated into rehabilitation. She is a certified Gyrotronic instructor with an emphasis on strength and conditioning. She has experience with complicated orthopedic diagnosis and patients who have Parkinson’s disease, MS and ALS.

Yari Alcaraz Cruz, Pilates Instructor

  • Graduated from The Ohio State University with her BFA in Dance. She received her Mat and Equipment Pilates certification in New York City.
  • Yari has an extensive education in Pilates, Yoga, Kinesiology, and the Alexander Technique. She incorporates muscular imbalance assessment into her treatments and often uses neuromuscular re-patterning and fascia release techniques.