Relax with a massage that will stimulate your senses. Indulge in the power of Aromatherapy essential oils with extracts and essences from flowers, herbs and trees to promote good health and well-being.

From everyday aches and pain to soft-tissue disorders and injuries, massage is an effective method of treatment.  Massage Therapy is proving to be a valuable compliment to traditional treatment methods that focus on rest, exercise, rehabilitation and activity modifications.  Massage works together with mainstream approaches even surgery, to speed healing and promote effective rehabilitation and tissue regrowth and reduce compensatory effects.  Massage fills an important gap in treatment options for clients with soft-tissue conditions. Recognizing this fact, increasing numbers of healthcare practitioners outside of the field of massage are moving to integrate it into their practices. And, more physicians are referring clients to massage therapy for treatment.

When you call Brighton Institute we offer two choices of Massages, relaxing or therapeutic.

A relaxing massage can speed healing and reduce compensatory effects. 

You are treated with hot towels which muscles just love and aromatherapy from therapeutic scents!  Aside from our therapist asking, “Are you feeling ok?” “Is the pressure ok?” ….there is very little talking which allows you to drift off into your own thoughts or just simply relax.  Once your treatment is complete we recommend that you just lay on the table for an additional 5 min to enjoy the work that has been given and it allows you to enjoy your stillness before going back out to the world.
We recommend a full 90min. massage to have a better effect.

A Therapeutic treatment is just that.  It is a therapeutic treatment.
If you suffer with muscle tension: head, neck, shoulder, back pain, leg pain, foot pain , hand pain…  Trigger Point/Neuromuscular Therapy can alleviate most of the pain if not all of it.
The massage therapist works you through your discomfort until the pain has been alleviated.  Depending on the severity and length of time you have been suffering, most clients see results the same day.  Others again, depending on severity and length of time, it could take more than 1 visit.

Gift cards for massages are available to pamper your loved ones.